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short story intro

“But I’m tired!” heaved Winfred, as they trotted along the mountainside, “we’ve been in this blasted tundra for weeks now, and I think I’m coming down with something”. A drip of snot crawled down his nose and into his thin, wrangled mustache that he thought made him look sophisticated and mature. Really it made him look more so like a wanton scoundrel. “Who’s that whining again, oh, it’s Winfred, big surprise there, please, just be quite for once so we can get this over with” retorted Camalin, a young warrior from the southern deserts of Ka’lida, “I’ve never even been in such cold weather and I haven’t whined once yet”. “Well, I’m pretty sure what I’ve got is contagious, and I’m sure the monster will be terrified when they see a bunch of adventurers hacking and coughing in their direction, maybe we could at least get them sick and start an epidemic as they eat us up.” Winfred shot back. “Will you shu-”… Camalin’s mouth was quickly covered by Drukk’s foul smelling hand “I hear something, quiet now”. The large, slightly-green skinned man quietly moved across the rocks ahead. “Hide here” Sife pointed to a entrenchment behind one of the larger rocks as she took her shield off her back and readied herself for a fight. Winfred dove towards the hole as Camalin wiped off the dirt on his mouth from Drukk’s hand and followed Winston.
After a few minutes Drukk appeared beside them. He gave the hand signal for five goblins and for them to be quiet and hide. “Five goblins!” shouted Camalin “By my ancestors, I will not be seen hiding from five measly worms!” and at that Camalin drew his large sword and ran into towards the goblins who were now well prepared for an attack. A barrage of arrows flew at Camalin, two bounced off of his armor but one struck his right arm. Still in a mad rage, Camalin swung his sword at the nearest goblin, his sword easily ripped through its leather armor and cleaved through most of its stomach. One goblin charged in with its spear as the hot blooded young warrior’s sword was being yanked out from the dead goblins innards. Just before the creatures spear struck him, a bolt went flying through its face and impaled the creature on a nearby pine, with the rest of the group approaching, the goblins panicked and fled. Camalin managed to hack one’s leg off before it could fully run out of range and finished it off. Drukk attempted to shoot another bolt but it only managed to pierce the fiends arm.
“That was foolish of you Camalin, that could have placed us in a dangerous situation” Sife scolded while she yanked the arrow out of Camalin’s arm and began to bandage it after Camalin stopped yelping. It was only a small cut and did not require any magic. “We’re still in a dangerous situation” Drukk glared at Camalin “I suggest we follow these tracks, as it is better we ambush them than vice versa”. “Ohhhh, ok, go back towards the danger, can’t we just go find these giants and leave?” Winston complained as he followed the others behind Drukk, who was tactfully tracking the goblin prints in the snow. “Yeah, I mean who cares if some stupid goblins attack us” at that Sife tugged on Camalin’s bandaged and he let out a yelp of pain. “We don’t even know where these giant’s are, and this might provide some clues to it’s whereabouts” Sife pointed out. Camalin let out a heaving sigh and Winfred proclaimed “Why are we even bothering with these giants? I say we just go back and pick the damn door to that place”. “It is an ancient door, and its no ordinary lock.” shot Drukk up ahead “These giants are said to be the only few who know how to get in.”. “Please, spare me the ancient tale, I bet the key is really just some stupid metaphor or something, lets just go back to Greatland and hunt bandits or something easy like that.” retorted the jaded Winston. “You practically are a bandit, Winfred” Camalin said, not catching the sarcasm, “and besides, well be more rich and famous if we find this so called heart of the gods than we could loot from any bandit.”.


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