Lenirdo Zarek

Derelict musician whose career was ruined and was dragged into a massive adventure


Uses the “swift rapier”, a +1 rapier that appears to be formed from a thin beam of blue light rather than of steel.


Lenirdo’s personality is often bizarre and erratic, and he is known to frequently feel disgruntled. He is very often drunk, but even in this state he is an incredible guitar player (aided by the fact that his guitar was once owned by the legendary Halfling Bard Andius Luliban). He believes in justice, and has no qualms about killing wrongdoers, but more than anyone else in the party he has doubts about the righteousness of their cause. He frequently wonders if all the violence is any means to a just end.

Lenirdo is generally a good soul, but he has lapses of judgment from time to time. He isn’t a coward in battle, and in fact he usually goes for vicious strikes (although he is a bit unskilled in combat and misses often). However, he values his life and often will be the type to push others in front of him. During the party’s visit by a mysterious wench, Lenirdo smelled something fishy and suggested that Rizen go up with her instead of he (she turned out to be an evil Succubus). Other examples include frequently suggesting that Valen (the most powerful fighter in the group) always go in first to a dangerous area. However, he is also uplifting, and enjoys inspiring the party with his impeccable guitar playing.

His role in the group is the leader in a way. He usually does the talking in a diplomatic situation, and is skilled in telling tall tales and bluffing his adversaries into submission. He takes the attitude that were the group actually goes doesn’t matter, so long as he gets to make the best out of it. The navigating is usually left to the more objective-minded Rizen, while Lenirdo is the frontman. While he is a bit apathetic, he is intelligent and can offer useful strategies that have gotten the party far (like his co-idea with Rizen fending off the dozens of Kobolds in their lair by confusing the hell out of them using trickery and hallucinations). He and Rizen are the thinkers, but Lenirdo usually leaves the thinking to Rizen who is equally if not more capable so he can do the talking.

Lenirdo is a lover of instruments and music in general. While his innate mastery of the art form has granted him magical abilities, he thinks of these effects as second to the importance of the music itself.

He views Valen Orchewer as “incredibly stupid and headstrong, but a good friend”. At first, Lenirdo hated Valen and found him incredibly illogical (not that Lenirdo himself is a bastion of rationality), but he now grudgingly accepts Valen as Valen has saved his ass many times.

He frequently refers to Rizen as “the leper” to cover for him, because Rizen is a hated Drow and Lenirdo tries to pass Rizen off as suffering from a flesh-eating disease. However, this proves to annoy Rizen anyway. Lenirdo thinks of Rizen as a stoic and doesn’t have much interest in him.

Lenirdo doesn’t have a great deal in common with Lofar Demoncleaner, but he tends to passively respect him. He gave Lofar the name “Demoncleaner” after the Dwarven priest killed a succubus who had Rizen at her mercy. He thinks of Lofar as uptight and out of touch with the visceral thrills of life, but he doesn’t mind him.

Lenirdo took a liking to Tobias the Gnomish Necromancer after the party rescued him from indentured servitude, but at the same time found him excessively silly, even for his own standards. After Tobias was burned at the stake, Lenirdo got extremely drunk out of sorrow.

Lenirdo enjoys the company of fellow Half-Elf and former salesman Gilead. This is probably because they have so much in common; both are members of a persecuted race, both lost their careers due to unfortunate circumstances, and both view life in a slightly similar fashion. When the party added Gilead as a member, Lenirdo took him under his wing and spent more time talking with him then the others. When Gilead died, Lenirdo again got drunk out of respect. However, it is clear the killings of those he becomes friends with is taking its toll, and Lenirdo’s level-headed ness is beginning to suffer.

He doesn’t know Mittlenark the Gnome Rogue very well, but he respects the small thief for his resourcefulness and cunning. Unlike most of the party, he doesn’t have many qualms about Middlnark in general. He doesn’t associate with him much, but he anticipates a growing friendship with him. When Lenirdo and his party re-met Mittlenark in the remains of Renalton, Lenirdo was amazed at the crafty (and slippery) Gnome’s skill, and Lenirdo now reveres Mittlenark.

Lenirdo suggested that the group, over its time, has been a sort of “body”

Rizen (Drow Sorcerer): The Brain

Gilead (Half-Elf Ranger): The Eyes (RIP)

Himself (Half-Elf Bard): The Mouth

Lofar (Dwarf Cleric): The Heart

Valen (Human Fighter): The Arms

Mittlenark (Gnome Rogue): The Hands

Tobias (Gnome Necromancer): The Feet (RIP)

Lenirdo hasn’t revealed much of his history. All that is known is that he is originally from somewhere on the continent of Undenel, and that he was a traveling musician doing a number of gigs at the tavern in the small town of Renalton in Greatland, Andala. After an extremely drunken performance and an episode where he punched his landlord in the face, Lenirdo found himself outcast and on a caravan with a bunch of adventurers he didn’t want much to do with. However, with a ruined musical career, he had no choice.

Through Lenirdo’s adventures, the deaths of friends, and the many killings that have occured, Lenirdo’s sanity appeared to be slipping. It was eventually revealed that a demon (a balor) had been possessing him and this is why he insanely killed Stiggs. After the purging of the demon thanks to Lofar, Lenirdo’s sanity is basically gone, and he has been so traumatized that his morals have also slipped. Formerly chaotic good, he is now chaotic neutral, and no one really knows what he wants anymore. He has seen too much. Also, it is possible that a great suffering or trauma occured in his past in Undenel, as he never speaks of his life before being a bard.

Lenirdo Zarek

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