Valen Krugen


human fighter


Valen was always thisty for the blood of dark creatures, even in his youth. Valen was born in a small town just south of the mountains. His town was raided by orcs when he was only 11 and had slain many of the people there, including his parents. Valen was forced to hide in his house for some time but he could not withhold his rage any longer. Heading into the main room he noticed an orc looting one of his fathers treasued items, his old pipe and some of the rare species of pipeweed with it. In rage Valen lifted his fathers greatsword (nearly twice his side) and charged the orc. The Orc, busy smelling the aroma of the plant, had not notced the blade between his brow until it was far to late. Valen would be dead if not for the Dwarves to the north who saved the rest of the town. The dwarves, hearing a loud roar from the inside of Valen’s house were astonished by the sight. They were infact so astonished by the boys lust for orc blood, that they took him in for training and raised him until the age of 18. They then sent him out, for they knew they could not keep such an ambitious warrior inside the mountain for much longer. Valen then moved to another villiage south of Mascia, during the first Xalim war he lead a small militia but had only seen little battle. After the war and things settled down Valen decided to search for adventure, simply for the purpose of using his blade and gaining valor amoung the people. This path had brought Valen to the town of Renalton, where he met Lenierdo and Lofar in the beginning of their adventure to stop the Kobold Barren. Valen boastfully claimed that they would definatly need him to stop this creature.

Valen enjoys being with his party, even though he was originally suspitious of the Drow, Rizon, and cautious of the rogue, Mittlenark. These adventures have brought him better battles and valor than he could ever gain on his own. Valen enjoys the company of Leneirdo, but believes he overthinks the morals of fighting. Valen has a never ending lust to destry creatures of evil and thinks that they cannot achieve redemption.

Valen Krugen

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