Aegana is a large world with consisting of three large continents (Andala, Undenel and Yarsei) but many islands. This world contains many different preset adventures, those of which you may look at the in the campaigns page. The current adventure starts in the small town of Renalton, which lays in the center of the country Greatland. This is on one of the main continents, Andala. The main lands have many problems of there own, but lately there has been a great exploration of the many islands of Malkmaton. The seas are now often used and because of this, pirates are thriving. With the secrets of these islands there are equally great creatures to protect them, as though the creatures of the larger lands were not trouble enough.

other playable races


These are racoon like people. They usually stand on two legs but have the
physical qualities of a racoon. They can be found most often where you would not find any other race (garbage, sewers) but are naturally found in the forest with their pack or clan. Thier origin is unknown.


A strange offshoot of goblin. Ingob are yellowskinned and tend to be about the same height as most other goblins. They often have bushy hair and chops are very trendy in their society. They are generally peaceful people who have a deep love for nature and often build their homes around or within it. Laziness is often a commmon trait amoung Ingobs and some have trouble shaking off the old goblin greediness. Although it bothers them to fight their goblin brethren they will for the good of others. The origins of these creatures is not know for sure, but some historians have found clues that involve goblins guided by forest spirits.


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